Change is the new normal
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Change is the new normal

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See different case stories, dive into the journey of entrepreneurs.
Carla Martinesi, Founder & CEO, CHOMP
Gabriel Kung, Chief Commercial Officer, Bowtie Life Insurance Company
Dr. Sean McMinn, Director @ HKUST Center for Education Innovation
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Understand the new world by building new perspectives, explore the pioneers in the industry.
The Future of Fashion
The pandemic economic and future of Ecommerce
The Metaverse Workplace - What if you can work with Mario
Looking into social innovation through global and local perspectives on an emerging paradigm
The Emergence of Fair Trade across Startup Businesses
The Rise of Sharing Economy
Integrated robot technologies for supporting elderly people in their homes

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Entrepreneurship is not only about starting a business, it is also about creating a story, a story of passion and courage in manifesting a life we desire. In this case library, our entrepreneurs will be unfolding their personal stories of building their business and share the challenges they faced along their journey of entrepreneurship. We wish to deliver these business stories from a human-centric perspective, hoping to give ignition to all entrepreneurial you from all sectors in the society.

Carla Martinesi, Founder & CEO, CHOMP
Gabriel Kung, Chief Commercial Officer, Bowtie Life Insurance Company
Roy Chan, Founder of Moodmen Font
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All the courses are experiential learning. We recognize the essence of learning in the 21st century as a dynamic process with diverse -direction. In the world of entrepreneurship learning, the gateway of all students' entrepreneurial journeys is no longer unidirectional, instead, we provide the freedom for them to create their own learning pathway.


Building Your Own Future

Equip students with the mindset and skill sets essential to build an entrepreneurial you.

Entrepreneurship Mentorship & Readings

Explore entrepreneurship through individual mentorship and reading

Industrial Landscape

Deep dive on domain-specific, industry-focused entrepreneurship.

Social Innovations and Entrepreneurship

Introduce students to both skill sets and mindsets that are vital to successful social innovations and entrepreneurship

Student-led Entrepreneurship Acceleration Project

Project course led by students to accelerate their entrepreneurship endeavor under the guidance and advice of a faculty member.

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