After the pandemic has struck the world, all industries start to explore the possibilities of going online or at least reducing the risk of infections. The fashion industry is no exception. Different brands begin to think about the meaning behind their fashion shows and what messages they want to pass to their audiences. They start to seek new ways and paths to deliver that specific message to them without physical contact.

Phygital is a new word that perfectly describes what the fashion industry should do after the pandemic. Phygital is the concept of using technology to bridge the digital world with the physical world. Some brands may use prerecorded films; Some create a fashion show experience that's part IRL, part URL; Some extend this into at-home packages coupled with social media content. 

Since there are obviously many more people who take fashion content online than there are going to a real-life fashion show, brands can also use this time to rethink the meaning of their fashion show and how to satisfy both parties at the same time. (people who love IRL fashion shows and people consume fashion contents digitally)

For example, in Balenciaga's fall 2021 show, they used 3D scanning and 3D simulations to create a virtual runway with avatars and a playable video game. 

Besides Balenciaga's show trying to merge virtual with reality, other brands also explore new ways of presenting their collections. Designer Anifa Mvuemba launched her collection in May via an Instagram Live virtual show with invisible 3D models. In her virtual, the shape and fabrics of her collections are more eye-catching with the invisible 3D models. The audience can focus on the movement, crease, and even the fabric swing when the 'models' walk across the runway. This example shows another brilliant way of helping the general audience focus on the clothes themselves.

The most exciting time of the year for fashion lovers is, no doubt the fashion week. The excitement of seeing models wearing the newest collections from your favorite designers is irreplaceable. On the other hand, designers and brands certainly know this too. They have been trying their best to create a more interactive, more engaging, and more touching experience for their audience.

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