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Carla Martinesi, Founder & CEO, CHOMP
Gabriel Kung, Chief Commercial Officer, Bowtie Life Insurance Company
Dr. Sean McMinn, Director @ HKUST Center for Education Innovation
Mr. Brian Li, Director of Digital and Customer Proposition, Global Business Banking, HSBC
Roy Chan, Founder of Moodmen Font
Stephen Chung, the Founder and Director of Secret Tour Hong Kong
Anita Lee, the Founder of Time To Gold
Dr. SC Kim, Acting Associate of Vice President (Knowledge Transfer) of HKUST
Serena Pau, Head of Digital Product and Services of CLP Innovation Hub
James Horace To, Business Development Manager of Lai Sun Dining
Vincent Tsui, Founder and CEO of Toast Communications
Tramy Chan and Jack Koo, Co-founder of Fairytile
William Chan, Co-founder and CEO of Agent of Change
Kyle Leung and Jonathan Ching, Founders of Gööp
Plato Wai, Co-Founder and General Manager of Shopline
Wallnex Chun, Founder of Kong Stories
Julian Law, Co-Founder of Jervois One
Terrie Fung, The Founder of Shop Easy Logistics
Winnie Lee, Co-Founder of Spread-it
Tony Wong, CEO and Co-Founder of Shopline
Luke Tam, Co-Founder & Chief Explorer of KaiFong Tour
Ding Ding Yip, Co-Founder of Festyle
Albert Ko, The Humanitarian Engineer
The Political Scientist
Educator and Innovator in Entrepreneurship
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