Entrepreneur: #speed
February 8, 2022
Vincent Tsui, Founder and CEO of Toast Communications

“Study Psychology, Psychology is the backbone of marketing.” “It’s always right to do the right thing” - Vincent Tsui Vincent Tsui is the Founder and CEO of Toast Communications, an Ad Agency Group. Besides, he is an author, corporate trainer and marketing consultant. How does the journey start? After obtaining the bachelor’s degree in business management […]

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August 27, 2021
Terrie Fung, The Founder of Shop Easy Logistics

"Having nothing breeds the possibility for innovation because there is no turning back." Terrie Fung Terrie Fung, the founder of Shop Easy Logistics Ltd - USA Direct, BUYBLE, and Laculla Spa Ltd believe that a start-up business is a bottomless pit that we would pour everything we had into, but enable our potential to be […]

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