Terrie Fung, The Founder of Shop Easy Logistics

"Having nothing breeds the possibility for innovation because there is no turning back."

Terrie Fung

Terrie Fung, the founder of Shop Easy Logistics Ltd - USA Direct, BUYBLE, and Laculla Spa Ltd believe that a start-up business is a bottomless pit that we would pour everything we had into, but enable our potential to be fully unfolded at the same time. How is her potential to be surfaced in her entrepreneurial journey? 

Where The Journey Begins   

Terrie kickstarted her journey of Momtrepreneurship because of occasional discovery during her overseas shipping experience for her son. Terrie wanted to buy a special bed for her son that can only be purchased from an online shop in the USA without overseas shipping services. She began to seek all sorts of logistic companies that offer shipping services that can deliver her bed, but then she found out that none of the existing logistic companies offers reasonably priced and accessible services that particularly tackle online shop shipping.

Turning Observation Into Opportunity 

By spotting the business opportunity, Terrie came up with a potential idea that can offer a solution to solve the disconnection between market needs and supply.  In light of such discovery, Terrie came up with the idea to create a company that provides overseas warehouse addresses to accept packages. Despite the size and weight of the package, it can be delivered to the hand of clients with a reasonable charge of shipping fee.  Hence, Terrie created Shop Easy that aims for providing international shipping services with an operational model that differs from the existing industry.

From being a shopaholic to a logistics expert, Terrie admitted that she faced a lot of problems and crises that were out of her hand. With the passion and persistence she had toward her business,  Terrie believes the faith in one's abilities could overcome challenges that seem impossible to handle.

Women in Business: Balance Between Career and Family Duty?

Terrie Fung, the founder of Shop Easy Logistics Ltd - USA Direct, BUYBLE and Laculla Spa Ltd.
As a serial entrepreneur and a mother of four, how do the multiple identities influence Terrie’s journey? 

Oftentimes women feel the obligation to choose between career and family duty, choosing either one must abandon for another.  As being the founder of three startup businesses and mother of four, Terrie's cases showed every woman that the dilemma in between should not be the obstacle that stops every entrepreneurial individual. Terrie’s perseverance to maintain between the two shows women can be equally as ambitious and responsible to family duty as men do.  By seeing the journey along the year Terrie has been through, shows how her infinite strengths guide her through the way of entrepreneurship and showcased the possibilities of women in business.  With her agility in tackling business challenges, Terrie created an innovative operation that solved the missing junction in the existing logistic industry.

Helping others to solve problems has always been Terrie strength and passion. One of the angles she looks into the key components to the success of a business is how we relate ourselves with the market situation. "I'm always aware of how my companies’ offers match the pain point of the consumer needs,  which is also the core mission which Shop Easy was developed to serve" she said. 

“The true creation in every startup business is your own talent to create”

​Terrie began the sharing session by explaining the business operation and the evolving business model of Shop Easy with the audience. Terrie also unfolded the interesting story behind the process of coming up with the business idea for Shop Easy.

Throughout her road to Momtrepreneurship, Terrie revealed that she also encountered countless challenges and difficulties in both operation and maintenance of Shop Easy which most startups would confront, including the problems with finance and clients. She felt that entrepreneurship requires an enormous amount of time and energy that occupies one’s all abilities.  Especially the humble beginnings of Shop Easy paved an uneasy start for Terrie to build a solid and stable business. Coming from a long and difficult start to build up a business from scratch, Terrie also shared her own philosophy about entrepreneurship and the inspiration of her latest project of BUYBLE, a social platform for all shopaholics

As being the founder of three startup businesses and mother of three (expecting four! 🎉), Terrie revealed that it was indeed a precarious battle for her in both maintaining and balancing all aspects in life, but still she found herself the joy and satisfaction within, not to mention the pride and acknowledgment in her own capabilities to build, to solve and to overcome barriers she encountered along the way in entrepreneurship.  

With her agility in tackling business challenges, Terrie created an innovative operation that solved the missing junction in the existing logistic industry, which also gave us a new perspective to investigate business opportunities. Under the influence of the new normal that most corporations are facing nowadays, Terrie also shared some of her insights and new perspective with HKUST students about how to establish a flexible mindset to change that young entrepreneurs would certainly need.     

Student Takeaway

Your story of starting a business because you wanted to find a solution to overseas drop shipping from your son which turned out making it convenient for the masses. Your story stands out among other entrepreneurs. Bring a woman in the business industry, as well as being a mother of 3 (soon to be 4 hehehehe) it must be hard to be all that and also sustain a prosperous business must be really challenging and for that I applaud you. You shared on the story where you needed to get products from overseas within 24 hours, your passion and quick wit thought of the idea of overnight shipping through cabin crews which also helped you expand your business. I admired your perseverance and grit throughout this journey, I’m sure it must be hard to learn everything from the ground up and maintaining SHOPEASY with only you and your husband and especially now that you’re a mother. You are definitely an inspiration for all the women out there and the mothers out there to become momtrepreneurs like you! I hope you and your family all the best and I can’t wait for Buyble to come out! #fearlessness #speed #passion

Janice Kwok - Student from ENTR1001

I think the reason I am amazed by what you have accomplished because of your family background. Despite the fact that having three children in her family that I think it is quite hard to take care, she is still able to establish three start business which is impressive to me. Also, I have found that Mrs. Fung can always put herself into the consumers since I have known the starting point of the company is because on the ridicules price of a child's bed from your sharing. From your sharing, I have learnt to be more patient and passionate into the entrepreneur. #fearlessness #speed #passion

PANG, Chi Hei Jason - Student from ENTR1001

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