The Political Scientist

“Even the greatest crisis comes with a greater opportunities.”

- Simon Shen

Simon Shen, a Hong Kong political scientist, columnist, and a scholar of International Relations, recently became the content creator with the highest subscription on Patreon, continue to possess a skyrocketing number of subscriptions on youtube and other social media, and expanding his audience among Asia region as international relations start-uper.

Simon Shen shared his exclusive stories with HKUST students,  from childhood to his journey academic pursuit, Simon revealed the challenges and struggles he encountered throughout his growth path, eg, learning effective communication and overcoming his fear in public speaking. 

Finding out one’s true passion is one of the core missions for students at their learning stage, Simon put major emphasis on how he found his way to align his passion with market needs, which he said was the key element to make one’s career prosperous and sustainable. Since it is his passion for travel that triggered his decision on becoming a specialist in political science, Simon found his way to seek a career that allows him to showcase his profession of international politics, and yet gives him the flexibility to enjoy what he is passionate about.   

As a scholar of international relations, Simon gave a thorough analysis of the current political environment and how one's personal development opens different approaches to cope with the future of uncertainty. By the dissection of current international relations and political situations,  Simon also ignited a refreshing angle for students to investigate the polarization of society and the urbanization of education under new normal.     

A Reads of Inspiration 

In order to keep up with the ever-changing world, seeking knowledge and wisdom from books is always the timeless way for all curious cats in the world. Simon recommended two books discussing the impact of big data and artificial intelligence in reviewing human nature, simultaneously constructing and transforming the world we are living in now. The first book is  “Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” by Max Tegmark; the second book is “Everybody Lies” by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. Let's see how these two books unfold pioneering perspectives toward the new world.

Students takeaways

​#service #curiosity Thank you Simon for your thought-provoking and motivating sharing this afternoon. Your sharing has inspired me to think from a global perspective instead of solely focusing on regional issues. The three main lessons I learned from the sharing session was, first – in business, to find out the irreplaceable element of my idea and think about what makes it different from what others have done. Second – regarding my personal development, to stay focused on one area and be an expert in that area. Third – as also stated in this post, learn to take on the opportunity hidden under a big crisis and be fearless to navigate through uncertainty. #fearlessness #speed #passion

Mezzo Aoki - Student from ENTR1001

​#curiosity #fearless Thank you Simon for his sharing about his inspiring and amazing entrepreneurship journey! Irreplaceable is definitely the first word that pops up in my mind if I have to recall this whole sharing. I do believe that each and every one of us is irreplaceable so as to the products that we will be delivering in the coming future. Indeed, this reminds me of never forgetting the irreplaceable elements of my own self and how to communicate with other human beings in order to amplify the impact that we would like to share with the world. This then leads to another concept that you mentioned earlier that is the fan economy. It is an operational income-generating behavior relationship between fans and the people who are followed, which is the loyalty of customers that drives word of mouth as a key marketing strategy. I do believe it is the chemistry among people that actually divide us into different groups in society. That is why I really like his business - Glo travel because with its core value that is “go local”, we get to better immerse into the local environment that allows us even under the new normal.

Tiana Tsang - Student from ENTR 1001 

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