Wallnex Chun, Founder of Kong Stories

“When we work hard, chances would come one by one.” 

Wallnex Chun

Wallnex is a director, videographer, and founder of Kong Stories, a media company that produces feature stories about Hong Kong cultures. His dedication to bringing positivity to Hong Kong people built soulful connections with the neighborhood and brought to him countless stories that act as a vector that passes on the collective memories we shared to the next generation. 

Back in 2016, the original goal of Kong Stories was to produce 100 stories about Hong Kong within 2 years. Later on, it grew into a platform that connects HongKongers and became a human library that documented the value of lives through each story he filmed. Through capturing the unnoticed beauty that hides within Hong Kong, Wallnex found his purpose to continue the path of Kong Stories which is more than just by the passion for filming and photography.

Wallnex successfully built a vector that was able to document the celebrating moments of Hong Kong culture, resonate and amplify their stories through his videos. The satisfaction he gained was the drive to keep his step in filming-making. Through Wallnex's lens, his work was dedicated to showcasing the beauty in human lives.

Student Takeaway

"I feel like what makes Wallnex special from other entrepreneurs is his huge amount of humility. He has come a very long way and still remains grounded in his achievements. I also really admire his leap of faith when he quit his stable job as an engineer to become a full-time videographer. I think that his towards his videoing and editing productions has been the driving force towards his success. He sacrifices a lot of his own personal time to bring out Hong Kong stories in the creative ways that he does; This has taught me about how you need to find your passions in life so that you can work towards what makes you happy. #humility #fearlessness #passion "

Colleen Chan - Student from ENTR1001

Thanks for Mr Wallnex's encouraging story. I think Wallnex's experience has revealed some important elements of a successful entrepreneurship: willing to step out of our comfort zone and determined to chase for what we want. As he mentioned, he graduated with an electronic engineering degree but ends up being a photographer. If I were him, I might not take the risk of choosing a job which seems like irrelevant to what I have learnt from university. Yet, having the gut to try new things is the major reason why entrepreneurs can do great things. Also, it is awesome to devote ourselves to our interests and this can definitely boost our motivation to go forward too. Wallnex's story is a typical example for us to follow if we want to start our journey of entrepreneurship! #curiosity #fearlessness #passion

Chuen Leung Lok - Student from ENTR1001

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