Julian Law, Co-Founder of Jervois One

“Innovation is a means, it has never been an end. ”​

- Julian Law

Law Wing Chung, Julian, was an award-winning journalist who has served in the newsroom for over 12 years. He joined the government in 2012 and took the position of the Political Assistant to the Financial Secretary. He resigned in 2016 and assisted Mr. John Tsang to run for the Hong Kong Chief Executive in the 2017 election.

Different Beginning, Same purpose

In 2017, Julian created "Jervois One 蘇杭街一號" in Jervois Street, a historical and soulful place located Sheung Wan.  Jervois One is a marketing & advertising agency that provides consulting services, media production, and business strategies. Services coverage includes campaign strategy, public affairs, content marketing, social media engagement, video production, motions graphics, graphics design. 

After Julian kickstarted his journey on Jervois One, he found himself the freedom he always strives for in entrepreneurship. He believes that innovation is a means, it has never been an end. Julian believes that trying out different directions in life is his way to value life, and recognizing what is worth to be changed was the goal we should bear in mind when we are exploring the opportunities for innovation.

Student Takeaway

"Huge thanks to Julian Law to come for such a nice sharing. There wasn’t a lot of chances to hear experts from this sector, and he shared a lot of his views on success, goals and political point of views. The first thing he mentioned is know your own strengths and make that to live up to your expectations. He clearly knows his strength therefore he had such business. Also, I truly understand that he has the experience to guide others to their solution and success, and he journey was also very encouraging. I remembered a quote from his talk: DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE, BY ALL MEANS. This is by far the most impressive advice, either as an entrepreneurial mindset and the goals for life. Julian Law’s #curiosity and #fearlessness is what motivated him to start his own business, and I’m sure it will motivate us too. All the best and thanks!" #curiosity #fearlessness

Matthew Chiu - Student from ENTR1001

Julian was one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs who clearly knows what he wants to pursue and how to do so. I was very astonished when he said he decided to pursue his dream job as a journalist even though he studied law in HKU. I was surprised that he did not choose to be a lawyer which is one of the most appreciated and high-salary occupations in Hong Kong. I think he is a person who sets a goal first disregarding the objectives and clear them out through on his way to achieving his ultimate goal. #fearlessness #passion

Helen Hyerin Ju - Student from ENTR1001

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