Kyle Leung and Jonathan Ching, Founders of Gööp

“Starting a new business isn't a risk for me, instead it gave me the freedom to my creativity.”

- Kyle Leung

Kyle Leung and Jonathan Ching, the founders of Gööp, an innovative social platform that connects university students and helps them seek the right community for common interests or topics that they wish to generate.  

Kyle and Jonathan walked us through their interesting journey since their university years in opening Gööp. Not only did they unfold the behind-the-scenes stories of their entrepreneurial journey, but we also got the chance to see their thinking process behind the logistic approach and the inspiration of their business idea. 

“The path to success is the one you strive to find what is unique about yourself.”

Through their experience of building this community during the years of university, truly opened a new perspective for the audience to rethink the idea of career development under this era of change.  Kyle and Jonathan perceived that finding a job from a big corporate hasn’t been the only option to build a prosperous future since their years of university, but they considered that learning how to create their own opportunities to manifest their own success should be the ultimate goal in life.  

Being young entrepreneurs like Kyle and Jonathan, HKUST students found pieces of resonances from their journey which brought to them a great inspiration to look into their future from a fresh and different angle. 

Student Takeaway

​Thank you Kyle and Jonathan so much for your sharing. As a user of Gööp myself, I really appreciate the wonderful effort of both given into this project. This project allows university students to stay connected, and also share their ideas and thoughts freely with their anonymous function, unlike different applications like facebook or instagram. Besides, I am also very impressed by the courage of both. Developing their business idea as university students isn't an easy task at all. Yet, they are willing to face up to the challenge, keep learning and hustling, to eventually create such a brilliant platform for university students. Their courage and dedication are definitely something worth to learn from. #fearlessness #service #passion

Torres Wong - Student from ENTR 1001

​#grit #fearlessness Thank you both of your sharing. I feel a strong connection with you two especially when you two talked about the sense of confusion you had back in university school life. It is never about chasing those norms in life or having a certain title but doing what you really like even if it means to go for a riskier pathway. I also like how you have introduced a mindset that we do not have to invent or create a whole new thing, we just have to find a new way to do the originated things. This is how goop works, it is still connecting to people but we can e-connect anonymously.

Last but not least, thank you for introducing the book (Imagined communists) and the podcast (daodu tech) to us, will definitely read and listen to them during commuting!

Tiana Tsang - Student from ENTR 1001

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