Gabriel Kung, Chief Commercial Officer, Bowtie Life Insurance Company

The Power of Persistence

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Bowtie Life Insurance

In 2019, Bowite Life Insurance Company began with nothing but an idea and vision to change the insurance industry. From finding investors, hiring staff and acquiring the appropriate licenses, Bowtie has overcome numerous hurdles to become a company that provides "pure protection" insurance products sold via direct-to-consumer online platforms.

As Bowtie's Chief Commercial Officer, Mr Gabriel Kung has brought his lifelong experiences and insights to create new ways to do old things.

The Highest Point of Sai Kung 

After university, Mr. Kung sought a management trainee position. The final stage of the interview process involved a mountain camp in Sai Kung. On the last day, at 3 a.m., their final task was to find and hike the tallest mountain. Completely exhausted from the hike and the previous days of physical exertion, Mr. Kung's group reached what they thought was the peak, only to learn that the mountain across them was taller. Without hesitation, a man from the group picks up his things and starts hiking towards the other peak. It was at that moment that Mr Kung realised that the difference between people is not only measured by their academic scores or salary but based on their heart and mentality. He may not have been physically stronger, but his mind was tougher, and he was hungrier for success. As an entrepreneur, this mindset is critical to ensuring that you never settle until you reach the highest point.  

A Cycling Trip Around Taiwan 

After being unable to get the management trainee position, Mr. Kung realised he was not ready for a job. He needed a break to strengthen his mind, so he took a cycling adventure around Taiwan. For two weeks straight, his only task would be to cycle around the island until he completed the entire trail. This is where Mr Kung learned the vital importance of persistence over anything else. He realised that he was not physically capable of accomplishing the task within the given timeframe. But he decided to keep going, and if it didn't happen in 14 days, he'd do it in 17 or 30, however long it takes. He says you can still achieve a better self if you're persistent. You don't have to be as fast as everyone else as long as you keep the wheel going. 

Our experiences make up the value we can bring to a company or industry. Mr Kung proves that constant persistence and determination to self-improvement and self-reflection have propelled him to the success he has today. 

  • Chief Commercial Officer, Bowtie Life Insurance Company
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance and Information Systems, HKUST
  • Master of eCommerce and Internet Computing, HKU
  • Fun Fact: Gabriel's source of inspiration is Instagram!

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Student Reflections on Facebook

Mr. Gabriel Kung's speech was a profound reminder of the importance of personal choices and embracing challenges with resilience. His life's creed, similar to my own beliefs, emphasizes that our choices define our possibilities. I greatly admire the path he has chosen, aligning his career with his passion. His commitment to reflection was evident through the numerous real-world examples he shared, demonstrating that his insights stem from deep thinking and experience. Particularly striking was his advice to choose life's "difficult mode," emphasizing the uniqueness and preciousness of our journey. It left me with a renewed sense of purpose, reminding me that life is a game we can only play once, and every choice matters. - Zhuorui Zhang, Student from MTLE 5001

Mr. Gabriel Kung's perspective on embracing the "hard mode" in life resonated with me. Recalling moments in my journey, I too have found that facing challenges head-on leads to greater personal growth and richer experiences. #grit His insights into industry transformation and the essence of innovation echo my beliefs about the importance of adaptability and forward-thinking in our contemporary world. #curiosity - Jungqi Zheng, Student from MTLE 5001

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