Vincent Tsui, Founder and CEO of Toast Communications

“Study Psychology, Psychology is the backbone of marketing.”

“It’s always right to do the right thing”

- Vincent Tsui

Vincent Tsui is the Founder and CEO of Toast Communications, an Ad Agency Group. Besides, he is an author, corporate trainer and marketing consultant.

How does the journey start?

After obtaining the bachelor’s degree in business management (Finance Concentration), Vincent has become the Management Trainee in British American Tobacco, and the brand manager 2 years later. At that time, tobacco TV commercials were banned and turned the industry into event-based marketing. He wondered about the difference between trade marketing and marketing. While trade marketing can only do marketing at the retail level, real marketing involves mass marketing (TV commercials, posters, etc.) too, he joined Unilever as a product manager.

He understood business more in Mentholatum. When one of his colleagues resigned, he would take up the remaining jobs. Therefore, after he heard a team leader was leaving, he grabbed the chance to self-recommend, even there was no salary increment. Expanding his team from 2 to 15 members, he gradually realized business is people. Competition is a misallocation of resources, for better efficiency, reducing resource wastage, teams should collaborate within a successful company. This is the ideal management, the mastermind in using the resource, arranging people in the best way. 

Bearing this in mind, he has become an entrepreneur, being the Chief Marketing Officer of NEXT Media, starting marketing and PR firms, publishing books, writing columns and having public speaking.

What now?

Vincent continues running his firms Toast Communications and TKS partners while taking his roles as an author, corporate trainer and marketing consultant. He is also the Adjunct Professor of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong and the Part Time Lecturer of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Here's a 10-min interview video with Vincent:

Student Takeaway

“Thanks for this insightful session held by Mr. Tsui. He answered one question whether we need to falsify data or not. He made a strong point talking about how bad comments give more credits than good comments. I think the top priority entrepreneurs need to do is not control the quality of comments instead they need to pay more attention on the product or service they are providing. Also, they need to listen to customers’ voice. When customers feel their voice are taken into consideration, they will become true followers which made this a good marketing strategy. Also, I agree with the statement Mr. Tsui mentioned about good marketing needs psychology, I think what’s more add to that is try and error and sometimes need a little bit of luck.”

Yibo Wang - Student of MTLE5001

“Vincent’s sharing was inspiring, I enjoyed it very much, especially he let the stories speak. The vivid and energetic attracts me towards marketing. I was always neglecting marketing when I tried to shape my business idea, probably I was too focused on 1 industry. I think the “Earned Media” will be useful to my case. Since in my industry, there are a few communication channels solely for professionals. If I can reach them, it may help in the future. Secondly, Vincent also mentioned the importance of imagery characteristics of a product. This made me link to the word Storyteller. Instead of the physical and the rational points of a product, it may also be important to package a product with stories, in order to raise resonance from your audience. Paint point description may be a way to reach the bottom words of someone's mind and gather them to agree on your idea.”

Wong Clement Yan-tsun - Student of MTLE5001

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