Tramy Chan and Jack Koo, Co-founder of Fairytile

Fairytiles is founded by two HKUST students majoring in biological science, Tramy (CHAN Cheuk Lam) and Jack (Koo Tsin Hei).  Tramy has always been fascinated by the beauty in all kinds of reptiles, she found these creatures charismatic yet often mistakenly overlooked their importance in the ecosystem. Starting to be interested in the science behind rearing livestock and exploration of the potential of social application.

How could we make a career out of our interest?

The struggle between exploring unfamiliar areas that are out of our comfort zone and simply following the route of their academic field, “playing safe” as typical students would reckon, must come across on all student’s minds one way or another during their school years of exploration. The choosing between could be a lifelong dilemma that we all faced and doubt in answer to. However, Tramy and Jack approached this question very differently, instead, they answered it with a question: "Why not both?"

Interest vs Career? Why not both? 

William recommended a classic novel “ Tuesdays with Morrie” for everyone who is interested in seeking wisdom during lost and directionless times. It is a book about the story between Mitch Albom and Morrie Schwartz, his college Since the shortage of live food suppliers in Hong Kong remained a headache to a lot of reptile pet owners, Tramy discovered the junction between the live food supplier and pet owners was significantly visible, what was missing in the existing market was a stable, reliable, and high assessable edible insects supplier that able to provide high-quality products. Based on that insight, the business model of Fairytile aims to solve the problem of lacking a stable and reliable supplier in Hong Kong by providing a subscription plan to reptile owners.

The sparks of entrepreneurial spirit always begin by putting passion into action. After taking the ENTR 1001 course, the training they had during ENTRU 1001 sparked Tramy’s intention to put her plan into action by first inviting Jack into the project. No time was wasted, two passionate students teamed up and pitched their business plan to our ENTR teaching team. With a pinch of courage and a good amount of searching, learning, and planning, Tramy and Jack gathered enough ingredients to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.

After a period of trial and error during the planning process, the mission of their business slowly surfaced based on the insight they discovered in the existing market, in which they envision the plan of opening an online platform that not only offers easily accessible and high-quality live food for pets, but they also want to develop a platform that gathers reptiles lovers that interested in related topics and increase information flow among the reptile owners community.

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