Dr. SC Kim, Acting Associate of Vice President (Knowledge Transfer) of HKUST

“Try to realize your idea, don’t stop having ideas. Even with limited resources, try something.”

- Dr. SC Kim

Dr. Shin Cheul Kim is the Acting Associate Vice President (Knowledge Transfer) Director at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 

How does the journey start?

Dr. Kim was trained as a physicist. Obtained the PhD degree in Applied Physics from Yonsei University, he has been involved in the world of the researcher. He was working in OLED at that time. After OLED was invented, the market adapted it in monitor/ screen synthesis. He realized that research results can bring into real life with a spinoff only, turning himself into Entrepreneurship. Working in renowned universities including SUTD, HKU and HKUST, he has accumulated his own entrepreneurship experiences.

What now?

He is still striving to turn technology into business. Besides the occupation of HKUST, he is also the Chairman Of The Board of AI Chip Center for Emerging Smart Systems Limited and a Member Board Of Directors of the Hong Kong Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases Limited and Hong Kong Center for Construction Robotics currently, become an expert of turning technology into business.

Student Takeaway

“Thank Dr. SC Kim for bringing us this wonderful speech. This sharing has brought me a lot of resonance. One is that in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, in the face of multiple stakeholders, we should not only fully consider the research team, but also consider the commercial output, which is actually a very difficult thing, and there are few successful cases. Especially when we meet some founders who have very personal ideas and top intelligence, the financing process often becomes very difficult. Of course, any effort in this process is very worthwhile. It can not only bring rich commercial returns, but also the driving significance of this technology itself to the society.

In addition, when Professor Kim mentioned that he felt like Einstein when he entered as a physics student, I wonder if every engineering student has ever had such an illusion! Of course, Professor Kim is still a top smart person in my heart.

In short, this is a fruitful sharing and exchange. I hope to have more opportunities to communicate with Professor Kim!”

Jin Zhang - Student from MTLE5001

“Thanks to Dr. SC Kim for sharing a lot with us. What impressed me most was when Professor Kim said the most important thing to avoid in an entrepreneur was "too smart"/"know it all"/"think you are smarter than everyone else".

As I worked as a product leader in my previous company, I had to take holistic responsibility for the project, and focus from the big picture to the small details, which is like a mini-CEO of our product. As a PM, I always believe I need to learn to lead the team without authority. Don't show up or boss people around. Only when we listen to and value the words of others can we get more multiple points of view and make better decisions for our project.”

Yasui Zheng - Student from MTLE5001

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